Monday, December 5, 2011

Devourer of Life

This unfortunate girl can only survive from sucking the life energy out of the living beings around her: people, animals, plants. She is trapped, as a devourer of life. A vampire living off of lifeforce instead of blood.


By the Sea

Dragon Motherhood

This mother dragon is a racing dragon born on a top notch racing farm. Dragons are slightly different from our horses. They are more indepenent, and are preditors versus pray animals. Which means they hunt, usually fish or other game from the sky. Unlike horses in a controlled breeding barn. Dragons mate for life, and humans have no say or influence on the matter.The baby's father is actually a wild dragon, the mother took as a mate, and both are needed to help raise their young. The baby is playing carefree with his mother, and being mother to a dragon is not an easy job.

Worlds Apart

Just becasue you live in seperate worlds, does not mean you should be apart.

Human and Leopard People

Demon and Human

Debutante and Gladiator

Matriarch and Student

Butterfly Dragons

It's a world in the clouds. A land without the changing of the seasons people live in plateaus above the clouds and ride butterfly dragons. The symbolic gateway is at the entrence of their homes, it also acts as a purch for their dragons and a walkway leads convently into their house.

Creature Portraits



Family of Creatures

Here's a family of creature siblings: fairy, gargolye, human, and elf. You never really have a say in who your family is, but you can still learn to love each other.

Cat Hug

Caretakers of the Animal Gods

Gods leave their children to be raised by humans. The people given this honor are known as caretakers.

God flying squirrel checking in with the human caretaker of her child.

This flying squirrel god only stopped to check up and speak more to the caretaker.

The beaver and flying squirrel caretakers meeting up to play, with Bubba the Beaver and Spiral the squirrel.

Cat Catcher

This forest cat catcher is rounding up wild cats, to bring back to the cat farm.

Fairy Dancing

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Types of Flying Squirrels

Skunk Flying Squirrel

Snow Leopard Flying Squirrel

Peacock Flying Squirrel